Monday, January 25, 2010

Plane left Atlanta without us

Well we were delayed leaving San Jose,CR by over 1 hour, then in Atlanta they didn't have a gate for us right away. By the time we got through customs the plane left.
Spent the night and most of us were on the 12:15pm flight. Three had the 11am flight.
A lot of work was accomplished at LPDV school. Time of devotions in the morning and evening is always a plus on this trip. If there was no worshiping with singing songs, reading and studying God's word and having fellowship with Christian believers I probably would not go on this trip. So I thank God for putting this Team together and for all of able to serve in Costa Rica to further the gospel of Christ in this part of the World.
School starts on February the 8th and I prayer for the teacher to be a Christ like example to the students and that these students can become the future leaders in Costa Rica and the World to spread the gospel.
Lisa will probably send out an email about how Matt is doing and the results of he operation that was to take place at 6pm today. I will update the Blog when I find out.

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