Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walkway Progress

Omar and Julio are working on the retaining walls. We want to get those up before rainy season comes. The corner of the tennis court is not so stable right now.

Lisa and I got back from the junior-senior camp yesterday. It went very well, but I aggravated a back problem that I've had for the last three weeks. I think lack of exercise (other than walking up and down the hill) in January and then after my thyroid operation has weakened my back. (I also have been gaining weight, mostly because I still don't have the proper amount of synthetic thyroid.) So, I currently cannot walk, and am preparing for classes tomorrow lying on my back in the living room with my laptop on my stomach. The doctor prescribed two pain-killers/anti-inflammatories along with ibuprofen. I'm hoping to be able to teach tomorrow, but we'll see.

Thanks for your interest in the walkway project, and I'd appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,


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