Sunday, February 21, 2010

Auditorium Project

Dear Friends of LPDV,

Greetings from warm and windy Costa Rica. Omar and Julio mounted the Ron's plaque yesterday so Lisa, Natalia and I went down to take pictures of it this morning. I took a few pictures through the windows of the K-P classrooms as well. The fourth room is being used by the K-P English teacher who also gives class to the 1st and 2nd graders in the room. I'm pretty sure that we'll be using that room as the second preschool room for next year. With this upgrade to the facilities, we will attract even more parents.

An unexpected, exciting, "God-thing" happened this last week. We hosted a group of engineers and architects that volunteered to design a new building for a church near San Jose. For some reason, the church they were going to backed out of the arrangement at the last minute. I had been in contact with the ministry (Engineering Ministries International,, about six months ago about a concept design for the LPDV auditorium, so they called to ask if we still needed it! Attached are a few of the concept design pictures of the auditorium that would sit where the old K-P building is.

I know, I know, you are all asking "but where would we sleep?!" We'd figure something out.

The team also did a very complete design for the covered walkway to the gate and the turn-around.
I'll send some scans of that too, once they give me the finished product.

So, it could be that God is moving the auditorium project forward must faster than I thought. I have no idea, so far, how much the building will cost. I'm going to contact former LPDV students who are currently studying architecture/engineering to see if they want to take that estimation on as part of a class project.

Thanks for all you did to get the school year off the ground. We have 361 students enrolled--over what was projected. To see more pictures of the first day of school, etc. visit our website at

In Christ,


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